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Discussions related to current affairs

  • Tech Leaps, Job Losses and Rising Inequality
  • This article discusses the overall rising trend in ICT investment which lead to a shift in skilled biased technological change as capital and labor were seen as substitutes and this caused unemployment. Moreover, this skilled biased change caused an increase in demand and hence wages of skilled workers, leading to rising inequality in terms of wages of skilled to unskilled workers. This goes hand in hand with our literature studied during the course and noticing the real life impact of my studies is really interesting and im keen on doing further studies in this area. However, I would agrue that even though there is rising inequality and unemployment, the demand for unskilled workers cannot get obsolete as there has to be someone working in these low skilled sectors as jobs cant just vanish instantenously.
  • Dancing with Robots
  • Amongst all the artricles read, I found this article by Levy and Murnane very interesting and the entire essence of the article was another reason why I chose this specialisation. This era of computerisation is evolving and growing up my dad always wanted me to work in the IT field to keep up to date with the labour market and changes and actually learning what types of task(Solving unstructured problems,working with new information and Non-routine manual tasks) are required in the future has enlightened me. Moreover this specialisation and specifically the article describes the changes in the labor market and demand for skills. Actually reading about these predicted changes has intrigued me and my drive for further research into ICT and I'm pleased with my future area of expertise.
  • The World's First Home Robotic Chef Can Cook Over 100 Meals
  • Imagine a homemade meal using any downloadable recipe made effortlessly by a robot! The future is neverending with limitless possibilities. The fact that I can choose any dish from the internet and have it made right infront of me is astonishing and unimaginable, I'm fascinated by this and am eager to see what else technological change has in store to offer.This is a change that could defintely help lives yet also destroy lives. The implications of this if implemented in restaurants is that it could lead to unemployment of co workers and chefs as now cooking and cleaning has been substitued by the robot. I'm glad to be living in this era of technology and hope this expansion has an impactful effect for future generations(if done sustainably) and the labor economy balances itself out.

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