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Don't fear intelligent machines. Work with them.

By Armands Timsans |
How does chess relate to this course? It doesn't really, however, the day that Deep Blue, the chess playing computer developed by IBM, beat the World Champion in chess, Garry Kasparov, does.

Wealth tax in Europ

By Armands Timsans |
Why is it that the amount of European countries that have wealth taxes has shrunk from 12 to only 4. To add insult to injury, of the 4 countries that have a wealth tax, only 2 are EU members. So is the EU failing to facilitate wealth taxation?

What is Europe 2020 and where is it headed?

By Armands Timsans |
Europe 2020 is a relatively broad strategy, encompassing goals and targets in employment, R&D, climate change, eduaction, and elimination of poverty and social exclusion. With the decade coming to a close, I think it's time to take a look at it.

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