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    Welcome to my website!
    Hey, my name is Julius Körfgen. Enjoy finding out more about me on my new website!

Welcome to my Website!

This is my project from the course ICT, Labor and Inequality at Maastricht University

The course ICT, Labour and Inequality at Maastricht University provides us with knowledge about HTML and CSS. In my open programme I chose this course because I was in particular interested how web designers work and wanted to understand the language I know used to create this web page.

Enjoy the Experience!

The Creation Process:

1. Learn HTML

The first step will be to learn the theory about Hypertext Markup Language.

2. Make it look Great with CSS

With CSS you can let your website look the way you imagine it.

3. Inspiration from Templates

Through templates it is possible to learn from experienced web designers.

4. Put everything you learned together!

This is the finshed project! I hope you enjoy it.

What can you find on this Website?

My Blog

My Blog will give you special insights into my personal life.

There will be some interesting facts about me that you might discover and I really hope, the entries I made are entertaining and make you enjoy surfing arround!

About Me

This section contains my personal profile.

Here you can find information about me. What I study, what I work and with what I spend my time. If you want to it will be able for you to contact me or download my Curriculum Vitae!


In this section you will have the opportunity to overview and read all important summaries regarding the course ICT, Labor and Inequality.

The course ICT, Labor and Inequality requires us to upload papers about the impact of technological development on the labor market. The different authors discuss how automation and technological change affect global inequality.