ICT, Labor and Inequality

Lino Wiede

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This website has been created as an assignment of the course ICT, Labor and Inequality at the School of Business and Economics at Maastricht University


Provision of relevant material and summaries of research articles followed by a personal recommedation and opinion


Better and deeper understanding of the subject to enhance your career decisions and broaden the scope


All the material of this website is the result of a collective discussion of the students of this course under the coordination of Dr. Huub Meijers and Albert Vijghen


The choices and decisions we make in the labor market affect us crucially - especially our income and wealth. But what do I need in order to expand my set of available choices? How do I train my abilities? Are they even useful and good enough? In my opinion these questions matter more than anything, especially to young people, but the answers we are provided with usually help little. In this section of the website I try to encounter this general lack of guidance by providing a personal selection of articles and research papers aimed at helping fellow prospective entrants of the labor market to make qualified decisions and better choices. Moreover, my aim is to emphasize what makes us human and why this has become more important than ever before.

  • Am I still up to date?
  • This article by Forbes outlines how to effectively aquire information and skill in the 21st century in order to maintain a competitive advantage and higher the chance of finding a good paying job

  • Technological anxiety
  • Here, Mokyr et al. (2015) critically assess the interaction of human labor and technology - how technology replaces or complements us and what potential ethical concerns such developments pose

  • Train your brain!
  • Accompanied with this work by Rindermann et al (2011) I would like to emphasize the importance of strengthening your abilities that cannot be replaced by a machine or computer and will increase your wealth

  • Social skills
  • This article underlines my suspicion that skills in which humans exhibit a comparative advantage over machines, are the ones you should work on most in order to stay on the right side of the spectrum with regard to wage

  • Language skills
  • The authors of this article raise the question of wether high foreign language skills raise the wage premium. Their findings indicate that it raises the wage premium and contributes to an extended skill set