ICT, Labor, and Inequality

This Website is a student project of the ICT, Labor, and Inequality course at the University Maastricht.


This sections is a collection of summaries of research papers read during the ccourse written by students. They discuss empirical data of the labor market of the last decades, which factors are potentially responsible for the ever increasing income inequality and what effect the current trend of automation has on the labor market as well as wage structure.

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This blog contains a collection of recent news articles about the labor market and trends of inequality in the US and Europe. For each newspaper article there is a comment written by myself stating my own opinion and discussing the statements made in the article. My comments are based on content learned during the ICT, Labor, and Inequality course as well as previous related economics courses.

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This sections will give a short outline what this project is about and why it is done.

Additionally, you will find some personal information about myself.

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