Introduction to Infonomics

Infonomics is the field that includes the production and consumption of information. It also includes the transfer of money to produce, sell and obtain information. Infonomics' literal meaning is the economics of information. Adding economic value to the use of information helps monetize, manage and measure information.

Why study Infonomics? Studying infonomics helps enhance the existing knowledge of information technologies.It has a high degree of impact in the coroporate world globally. It helps integrate the economic models into digital information technology. It broadens the understanding of how and when to make use of information.


Information and Communication Technologies (ICT): ICT covers the storage, retrieval, manipulation and transmission of information into a digital form. Such as use of personal computers, digital television, emails, etc. The field of ICT provides the technical support required to support the management, storage and access of information economics.

Labour Economics & ICT

In the past 4 decades technological advancement have led to drastic changes in the labour market. To enable the constant and accurate use and innovation in the field of ICT it is important that employees showcase a skill-set that best complements the technological advances. Therefore, this introduces the concept of high-skilled and unskilled labour. Further, examining some relevant literature and its theories can be found on the Labour Economics section of this website.