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This website is build for people interested in Infonomics and ICT in general and students studying this course.


This website includes all summaries made by fellow students, a blog section, information about myself and other instresting information about Infonomics.


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Here you can find all the summaries made by fellow students of this course. You can find which article we used in which tutorial and who made the summary.

  • Katz (2000)
  • Tutorial 5
  • Made by Eva Despesse
  • Acemoglu (2002)
  • Tutorial 5 + 8
  • Made by Niklas Hoffman
  • Topel (1997)
  • Tutorial 7
  • Made by Beatriz Santos Ribeiro
  • Johnson (1997)
  • Tutorial 7
  • Made by Louis Jamar de Bolsée
  • Leuven (2004)
  • Tutorial 9
  • Made by Sirine Hmidi
  • Levy & Murnane (2004)
  • Tutorial 9
  • Made by Sara Yad Mellat
  • Acemoglu & Restrepo (2019)
  • Tutorial 11
  • Made by Gabi Perez van der Linden
  • Cheng et al. (2019)
  • Tutorial 11
  • Made by Cas Raedts
  • Jerbashian (2019)
  • Tutorial 12
  • Made by Roma Shah
  • Goos (2018)
  • Tutorial 13
  • Made by Robin Bardet
  • Autor (2015)
  • Tutorial 13
  • Made by Marcin Iwaniuk

Choose a article that fits your needs.

Here you can find all the articles which I thought were instresting to look at. For each article I made a comment to discuss my thoughts and maybe to give you a different viewpoint. If you think I am wrong or you have some other insights, don't doubt to send me a comment at the end of this page.


Article Tesla


Tesla hoped to produce 5,000 new Mode 3 electric cars each week in 2018, but in reality they did not even prodiced half of it. The reason is that they overlooked the importance of adaptability: humans are still far more able to adapt to change than artificial intelligence (AI). While autonomous systems are developing rapidly, humans remain far better at adapting to unforeseen changes.Humans and other forms of intelligent life evolved to survive in a constantly changing world. For this reason, they can cope remarkably well with unforeseen situations and discrepancies between expected and actual events. Moreover, they can also adapt their bodies to radically different situations in order to achieve their goals. Machine learning, on the other hand, is not yet at the level of human intelligence and adaptability. The goal over Tesla is to overcome the limits of human speed, which in turn also limits output. But in complex environments, such as a highly automated factory, there is a need for highly adaptable robots that can respond to unforeseen situations and to each other like biological systems do. For now, it is not clear when we will have the technology for full automation without human intervention and what form it will take.

My thought about this article

Tesla is a well-known organization which distinguish themself with major automation. I though this article was ver instresting because it covers the theory we saw multiple articles we saw and apply it to Tesla, a real life company. We saw for example in the artcile from Levy that computers will take over 2 types of job: routine cognitive tasks and routine manual tasks. Computers are faster and more accurate than human minds but also have some limitations. Solving unstructured problems and working with new information will remain human work because of the use of common sense and the ability to communicate.


Article Education


More and more organisations struggling to fill in technical positions. Approximately 918,000 unfilled IT jobs were listed in the U.S. over the last three months, as tech job postings continue to rise. By 2030 the global demand for skilled workers will exceed supply by more than 85.2 million workers. This translates to a lost of 6% of the economy. the only way to overcome this problem is to change the education level and cost of it. Workers must be able to access skills-based training without digging themselves into an insurmountable financial hole. 3 ways to hold higher education accountable: (1) Make alumni performance the measure of school quality, (2) Embrace ISAs and (3) Get employers more involved.

My thought about this article

This article was very instresting because during my tutorial we also talk about the issue of the education in the U.S. It is way too overrated in the rest of the world and many people think that only because is expensive, it's good. Many students in the U.S take a loan during their studies to pay the intuition fees and books and afterwards they have to work years to pay it of. Apperently the skills they aquire during their education is not enough to cover demanded jobs. I think in Europe this issue is not as big as in America because education is not as expensive as there, but it is still here. The need to adjust the curriculum is very high but as we all know, people don't like changes. My tutor said something which stayed on my mind: 'We, here in Europe, life the American dream'. If you think about it, it's true: we have a health insurance, most of us are able to pay for the education and there are many organisations and even the government who wants to promote the education.


Article wage inequality - Latina


April 2 is known as the Equal Pay Day. It bought national attention to the fact that women, on average, earn 80 cents to every dollar earned by men, the reality is that women of color face a pay gap that is far larger. On average, black women earn 61 cents, Native American women earn 58 cents and Latinas earn 54 cents on the dollar when compared to white men. For some Latinas, like Honduran women, Guatemalan women and Salvadoran women, the road to equality is even steeper as they earn just 42.1%, 43.1% and 46.6%, respectively, of what white men earn, according to NWLC. 52% of Americans agree that discrimination is one of the top factors that contribute to the pay gap Latinas face. 40% of Latinas say the lack of representation in leadership positions contributes to this continuing wage disparity. The wage gap is prevalent in low- and high-wage jobs, where Latinas approximately earn 40% less than white men. Enforcing policy change is a crucial component to closing the pay gap. There is need for greater pay transparency at companies, the need for universal paid parental leave and the positive impact unions have on closing the pay gap. It’s really important to point out that there are whole groups of women who aren’t even being counted, since we don’t have good data on the experiences of trans women or disabled women.

My thought about this article

I think this article gives a very clear point that we are still far away from gender and race equality. Of course, compared to years ago, we made some big improvements. Since the 1970s/1980s, when women started to participate in the labor market, we saw increase in the wage gap. Some of the articles we read during this course mentioned this effect but pointed out that it's not a sufficient reason of the wage gap. Because women are mostly participating in other industries than men, due to other skills, it is difficult to correlate the participation of women and wage gap. However, even though the article focuses on the wage gap for Latinas, I think there are many more subgroups who still suffer from this inequality.

About me


I am Sara Yad Mellat (19) and currently a student at Maastricht University. I am in my second year now and follow the study Business Economics with minor Infonomics. My nationality is German, I also live currently in Aachen. I have a big interest in music and love to hang out with friends. I think one of my biggest talent is the fact that I am able to speak 5 languages. Yes I know it is a lot but due to the fact that I did my highschool in Belgium, on a boarding school, I learned Dutch and French. Maybe my last name let you guess that I am not 100% German. Both of my parents are from Iran and came many years ago, I think 25 years ago, to Germany to study were they met each other. Enough about me, I hope you like the website and you are able to find what you need. If not or if you have any question or a comment, you can always leave a message behind. :)